Andy Murray Reveals His Favourite City to Travel & Revisit

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Andy Murray Reveals His Favourite City to Travel & Revisit

Britain's Andy Murray says his favourite city to travel to is Melbourne, Australia, in an interview to The Daily Mail. The former World No. 1, whose comeback from hip surgery was captured in an Amazon documentary 'Resurfacing', says, "I do a lot of travelling, but I really do love going to Melbourne, Australia.

It may be a long trip to get there, but it’s worth the journey — there’s a great feeling of diversity to the city." Speaking about his favourite activity while on holiday, Murray says he loves playing football, golf and going to an escape room.

"I like to kick a ball every now and again. Not many people know I was asked to join Glasgow Rangers when I was younger. I also like going to ‘escape rooms’. There is something almost relaxing about the challenge of getting out of an escape room.

It’s like a puzzle, where you’re locked in a room with other people and you have to use your mind to find a way out — reminds me of tennis. I like a game of golf every now and again, too." One place that Murray says he would like to revisit is Vienna.

"Vienna is a great city. It’s really clean and has amazing architecture and so much history. The people are very friendly and there’s such good food, too" And finally, the Scot says he never travels without his tennis racket and a travel adapter.