Andy Murray shares how Football Manager was killing his career

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Andy Murray shares how Football Manager was killing his career

In an interview to BBC Sport Andy Murray spoke about how being a Football Manager. “I played a lot of Football Manager growing up - it killed a lot of time on the road - but it also became a bit of an issue when I was staying up late to play.

I had to cut back a few years ago. When I was in Spain, myself and a friend would have two teams each - we were staying up until 3am, and we would start training at 8am, so I had to stop playing it”. The British player may see himself involved in football once his playing days are over.

He founded a management company called 77 back in 2013 which works with other athletes. "As far as football coaching goes, I have been asked if there were any other jobs I would be interested in doing, and I would like to do something in sport.

Football is something that has always interested me and, it would be a fun thing to try. A lot of people think they could do a good job, and that they know what teams should be doing, but there is a lot more to it than that."

On Dunblane school shooting, Murray said: "You asked me a while ago why tennis was important to me. Obviously I had the thing that happened in Dunblane. That was when I was around 9. I’m sure for all the kids there it would have been difficult for different reasons, but we knew the guy, we went to his kids’ club, he’d been in our car and we’d driven him and dropped him off at train stations and things”.