Andy Murray speaks about how his weight has increased lately

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Andy Murray speaks about how his weight has increased lately

Andy Murray admitted his weight increased a lot over the last few months. The British player, recalling certain periods where he could not compete due to an injury, said: "My wife would sleep upstairs and get a period of good sleep in before the baby would wake up.

I'd be on my own downstairs with chocolate biscuits and stuff. I got up to my heaviest weight in my career probably. My elbow was pretty sore afterwards so I needed to take a break because of that. There was Halloween and second daughter's birthday party, then also my sister-in-law had a birthday so there was lots of cake and junk and no training is not a good combination.

I was 88.5kg and I'm usually 84." Murray also shared his regrets: "It wasn’t necessarily something that I would consciously do, but I did feel like my concentration and focus was much higher at slams than at the other tournaments.

I am assuming that would have come across to you guys when I am doing interviews and stuff. And I think my wife would probably say the same as well. I was just a lot shorter. I put a lot of stress and pressure on myself at those tournaments.

Maybe unnecessarily. But they were also the tournaments that I felt brought out my best tennis. Maybe if I get back to competing and doing well at those events, away from the court I’ll probably be a bit more relaxed than I was in the past. Because I feel I’ve got a second chance that I didn’t expect to get a little while ago."