Judy Murray: 'Hopefully Andy Murray Will Be Back by...

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Judy Murray: 'Hopefully Andy Murray Will Be Back by...

Tennis - Judy Murray, the mother of former World No. 1 Andy Murray, says she expects Andy to come back to the professional circuit by February or March, in an interview to TVNZ. Murray, a three-time Grand Slam champion, was forced to pull out of the first Grand Slam of the season due to a pelvic injury.

The Brit came back after undergoing a surgery on his hip last year and won the ATP title in Antwerp towards the end of the season but the pelvic injury had forced him to withdraw from Australian Open. Judy has been working at the grassroots level by conducting coaching clinics across the world and is doing the same in New Zealand this week.

She says, "I've never lost my passion for my sport. Probably around the world tennis is in decline, we have to do something to arrest that. It's generally perceived as difficult to do, difficult to access and expensive, I’ve created programmes that kind of smash all of those things”.

Murray was working this week with the WTA Tour to host the "Come Play" session for youngsters. WTA coaching director Mike Anders commented, "What we're doing here is building skills and fundamentals, there's a method behind each game we're doing but the kids just think we're playing games.

We have to recognise there's very few children who end up having a career in sport, we want them to enjoy it for the long haul. Coaching has become such a thing, not just in tennis in all sports, children are programmed into activity in a way that they never were in my day, we played freely”.