Andy Murray could return to action in Miami or require another hip surgery

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Andy Murray could return to action in Miami or require another hip surgery

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray could return to action at the Miami Masters or undergo another hip surgery and likely miss Wimbledon. Murray, now ranked at No. 130 in the world, hasn't played since the inaugural Davis Cup Finals because of a bruise on his pelvic bone.

Murray, who underwent a hip resurfacing surgery in January 2019, suspects his slow progress from the injury may be caused by a common side effect of the surgery he underwent 13 months ago. "I have not had lots of clarity as to what the issue actually is, because it is difficult to tell," Murray said, per the BBC.

"What I need to do just now is build up in these next couple of weeks to really test it. I will really test the hip out. Hopefully it responds fine. "I should know by the end of next month whether I'm good to play or not with it.

But I think I am now at a point where we're pretty sure as to what is going on." Murray thinks bone growing in soft tissue around his new metal hip caused the discomfort and he has accepted that he may have to undergo another surgery to remove the growth.

"The issue is if you try to remove that too early, while it is still active in the process of growing, it just grows straight back," Murray underlined. "If I have to have that removed because it is what is causing the problem, then that is a pain ...

It's not that long an operation really in terms of the rehab and stuff. But it's just if I wasn't able to have it until May or whatever, with six to eight weeks' rehab, then that would mean missing that period."