Andy Murray: "I would like women to be offered more opportunities"

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Andy Murray: "I would like women to be offered more opportunities"

Finally good news on the Andy Murray front. The former World number 1 is far from the court from the Davis Cup finals in Madrid in November last year. The three-time Grand Slam champion has started to hit again and hopes to be ready for the Miami Open (which would guarantee him a wild card for the main draw from 25 March).

At the end of November 2019, a television documentary, Andy Murray: Resurfacing, was released on the Amazon Prime platform, detailing Murray's various attempts to overcome his hip injury over a two-year period from his defeat at Wimbledon in 2017 to his doubles victory at Queen's Club in 2019.

Murray certainly has good experiences with female coaches throughout his tennis career. “In matters of reflection, competence and intelligence, there is no reason why a woman is not as good as a man as a coach. I would like women to be offered more opportunities,” Murray said in an interview with the Guardian.

“The reactions I received when I chose Amélie Mauresmo as my coach has shown that ‘There was a problem because the reason why her appointment was questioned was based solely on her gender. It was not based on her skills or what she had accomplished in her career,” he added.

“A lot of people criticized me for working with her and I think so far this week, we’ve showed that women can be very good coaches as well. I see no reason why that can’t keep moving forward like that in the future.

So I am very thankful for Amelie for doing it. It was a brave choice from her to do it. I am hopeful I can repay,” Murray explained after reaching the finals of the 2015 Australian Open.