Andy Murray shares expert advice on coronavirus protection

Tennis - Murray promoted the tips of a high-standard English university professor

by Claudiu Pop
Andy Murray shares expert advice on coronavirus protection

As a response to the multitude of fake news regarding the coronavirus safety measures that flooded social media, Paul Hough, a Senior Lecturer from the St. Mary’s University in London, decided to make things clear. Andy Murray appreciated Paul Hough’s effort and shared his advice on his Instagram account.

  • Don’t exercise if you have a continuous cough or high temperature
  • Avoid exercising with or near other people
  • Wash your hands thoroughly. Use disinfectant sprays/wipes on any equipment you touch
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Avoid very intense and/or prolonged exercise
  • Aim for at least 7-9 hours sleep/night
  • Eat plenty of vegetables/fruit and avoid dieting (restricting calories)
“These tips are designed to help you exercise safely.

COVID-19 is highly infectious and some people who are infected can be asymptomatic (showing no symptoms). This is why it’s important to avoid exercising with/near others”. wrote Paul on Instagram. “There’s evidence that periods of heavy training can increase the risk of upper respiratory infection (URI) symptoms, as intensive exercise, alongside psychological stress, can influence immune function.

Therefore, at present, it would be wise to avoid very strenuous and/or prolonged training sessions, particularly if you’re near other people” Paul continued. And even if you must do a demanding training session when in isolation, then “it’s very important to wash your hands thoroughly and avoid being near people afterwards.

This is because the immune system can be temporarily ‘weakened’ in the hours after heavy exercise. I.e. your risk of infection increases”.

Andy Murray