Andy Murray teases Wawrinka. “Perfect exercise" for in-ground toilets

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Andy Murray teases Wawrinka. “Perfect exercise" for in-ground toilets

With all the emergency measures taken all over the world to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Stan Wawrinka decided to encourage people to keep doing physical activity, even if that means a few sets of pushups on your kitchen floor.

Stanislas started his campaign with a picture of him doing an isometric exercise while bouncing two basketballs. “Seeing as we’re all home I would love for us to all be active together. I’m going to post little workout videos and challenges over the next few weeks that we can all do from home.

Step 1: Workout; Step 2: Post it or add a Story with #StayFitStan; Step 3: I will repost on my page highlights #StayFitStan. Any workout is good!” wrote Wawrinka on Instagram. Everything went well until Andy Murray stepped in with a cheeky comment.

“Good idea! This is the perfect exercise to work on before going to a country that has those hole in the ground toilets with no seat or anything to hold onto.. absolute quad burner when doing a p**p... tests the balance too”.

wrote Andy Murray. This was not the first troll between the two stars of the ATP Tour. Murray and Wawrinka had a light-hearted exchange after Stan The Man posted a picture of himself enjoying a fondue while at home with the caption 'At least being home means I can enjoy a good fondue…” Read about their discussion in this article.