Could one more try put Andy Murray back on court or on the sidelines?


Could one more try put Andy Murray back on court or on the sidelines?
Could one more try put Andy Murray back on court or on the sidelines?

"It's been difficult, the emotional ups and downs of just not knowing what's going on...and then you are going into scans thinking if you get the wrong news from this, that it's done...thankfully that's all been really good...I have been practicing on these courts the last 10 days and it's been responding quite well..." Andy Murray has said of his hip condition.

He has went through 2 hip surgeries the first nearly 3 years ago and then a hip resurfacing procedure. All of this was done to literally be able to get back on the court and play his game with a passion again. The last time Murray has been on court was at the Davis Cup Finals in the Netherlands last November playing against Tallon Griekspoor in a tough 3-set match.

Murray came out the victor but afterwards would experience pelvic issues and was only able to play the one match. Things looked glum then but now the picture has changed and the Brit is back on court practicing a few sessions that clocked in over two hours a session.

He was expecting to make his return at the ATP season with the Miami Open but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The thrill of just making a comeback is still etched on Murray's mind that he possibly can return and be good again.

Last year at Antwerp, Belgium he defeated Stan Wawrinka in a battle that most had gritted their teeth on Murray's valiant effort to come back from a set down and trailing 1-3 in the second set to win the match and title. "Stan was playing amazing tennis, hitting winners from all over the court.

I just managed to hang in a bit at the end...the third set was extremely close but amazing...I didn't expect to be in this position, I'm very, very happy," Murray said as he wiped the sweat off his brow, thankful that the results turned in his favor.

The good spirits continued whenhe made the Davis Cup Finals but was held to the one victory over Griekspoor than the pelvic condition developed. He'd have a dull pain which eventually stopped him from being an active participant.

"I wanted to try to play. I didn't know how many opportunities I would get to play again in the quarterfinals or semifinals of the Davis Cup," he'd say. Murray trying to reassure himself ont aking the right position on not continuing play says "I guess the good thing about stopping when I did was that it's mild, so it shouldn't be long.

But with injuries I know not to listen to everything you're told. I hope we got it at the beginning of the issue." Andy Murray now is going along day by day on how he feels on practicing and how far he will really be able to go.

The comeback trail he would naturally miss at the Miami Open as everyone did but it gives the Brit time to test his body and think of future participation on tour. The coronavirus situation seems still ongoing with dates in constant shuffle as to its actual kickoff time and place but timing is really on Murray's side.

He's hoping with luck, the right amount and level of practice he will be able to resume playing competitively for many more matches and possibly titles to add to his well accomplished and continuing resume.

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