Tim Henman suggests long break could extend Andy Murray's career

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Tim Henman suggests long break could extend Andy Murray's career

Tim Henman suggests Andy Murray may benefit from the Tour suspension as it will give him more time to recover and as a result his career could get extended. Murray, a three-time Grand Slam champion, suffered a bruise to his pelvic bone at the inaugural Davis Cup Finals last November.

The Briton hoped he would be ready for the start of this season but unfortunately get at wasn't the case. Murray was aiming to potentially kick off his season at the Miami Masters but the tournament was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

"You would like to think so because he has missed so much tennis perhaps it will give him the opportunity if his body and his hip enables him to play longer in age terms," Henman said, per Metro UK. "I remember I was playing with [Andre] Agassi and he had 18 months out for v different reasons but he came back fresh and invigorated to play and kept going until he was probably 36.

In those days that was old for a top tennis player. "I stopped when I was 33 and that was pretty old at the time. But I think with training techniques and injury prevention players are certainly playing longer so you would like to think that if A Andy’s body permits and B he still has the motivation that I think he does, there can still definitely be a few Wimbledons left in him yet."

Henman, one of the senior committee members at The All England Club, also reflected on the decision to cancel Wimbledon for the first time since 1945. "With Wimbledon being at the start of July, we didn’t think we would have to make a decision until much later.

But it has been so fast-moving. It became clear quite quickly that early postponement or cancellation were the options," Henman admitted, per The Daily Mail.