Henman: "Andy Murray is not finished with Wimbledon yet"


Henman: "Andy Murray is not finished with Wimbledon yet"
Henman: "Andy Murray is not finished with Wimbledon yet"

The Coronavirus emergency has totally curbed the 2020 of the tennis world and until 13 July there has been the suspension or cancellation of all tournaments. To pay the consequences are also the tournaments present in the season on the grass, primarily the Wimbledon Championships.

Former World number 1 Andy Murray has long been stationary due to an injury, but the London grass tournament was (possibly) one of his priorities this season. “I think from Andy’s point of view – and I have seen him practise a bit a few weeks ago when it looked there might be chance to go to Miami,” Tim Henman said.

“And after being out of the game as long as he has – and now with the progress he has made – he will be pretty frustrated because he is getting close to, I would have thought, to getting back out on the court.

It is four years when you think he got to the quarters against Sam Querrey on one leg. And then has missed out and played doubles and mixed. It emphasises how much tennis he has missed. He has got to keep working at his fitness and get back to, or close as he can, to 100% and hopefully he will get the opportunity later in the year.

You would like to think so because he has missed so much tennis perhaps it will give him the opportunity if his body and his hip enables him to to play longer in age terms”. Henman was a similar age as Murray now when he decided to hang up his racket and retire: “I remember I was playing with [Andre] Agassi and he had 18 months out for v different reasons but he came back fresh and invigorated to play and kept going until he was probably 36.

In those days that was old for a top tennis player. I stopped when I was 33 and that was pretty old at the time. But I think with training techniques and injury prevention players are certainly playing longer so you would like to think that if A, Andy’s body permits and B, he still has the motivation that I think he does, there can still definitely be a few Wimbledons left in him yet”.

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