Ryan Porteous: 'Andy Murray is a person to rely on when you are injured'

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Ryan Porteous: 'Andy Murray is a person to rely on when you are injured'

The young Hibernian defender Ryan Porteous has been dealing with injuries for the last couple of years, struggling with his hip to skip the second part of the 2018/19 season. Returning in September, Ryan stayed injury-free until January when he hurt his knee, still not being able to recover from it and working from his home after the season being halted due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Since May 2018, the three-time Major champion and massive Hibernian supporter Andy Murray and his 77 Sports Management have been Ryan's mentors and patrons of the entire club, doing their best to improve the coaching structures and offer the players the best possible facilities.

Porteous has been working on his physical strength at home for the last couple of weeks, hoping to get ready for the new season and to see some action in the current one if the coronavirus allows that. Mentioning his mentor Murray, Ryan said he is the right person to talk with about injuries, going through all that in the last couple of years and emerging even more determined to extend career and play on a high level again.

Murray had to endure two hip surgeries to get back on the winning course, starting competing at Queen's last year and winning the first singles title in more than two and a half years in Antwerp in October. Andy couldn't stay healthy for too long, though, suffering a pelvic injury at the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid in November and skipping all the action since then, hoping to get ready if the season resumes at some point in the rest of 2020.

"Andy touches base with me quite a lot. He's the kind of person you look to when you're recovering from these types of injuries because he's been through it all," Porteous said. "You've got to take inspiration from him and his recovery process and try to implement that into everything I do in my rehabilitation.

It's been tough because last year, I was out with the same injury, so it was more frustrating this time. But we've got a great medical team at the club and I've got good team-mates who have helped me through a lot."