Rising star Paul Jubb speaks extremely highly of Andy Murray

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Rising star Paul Jubb speaks extremely highly of Andy Murray

Rising British star Paul Jubb, 20, absolutely enjoyed his time on the practice court with Andy Murray. Jubb, ranked at No. 515 in the world, practiced with former world No. 1 Murray for the first time last year. "It was great," Jubb told Metro UK.

"It was the first time we’d really properly met so it was really good to share the court with him (Murray). "He’s such a great guy when you get to speak with him. After watching him so many times on Youtube and on TV, to share that live ball with him, have a hit and speak with him was definitely great."

Murray, a three-time Grand Slam champion, told Jubb to feel free to turn to him for advice whenever needed. "We didn’t really talk at the time when in person, it was more general conversation. He was asking me questions actually about my college life and career and how it’s been going.

"But yeah he has reached out a couple of times then just to see if I needed any advice or anything. "He said he was always available and an option to talk so knowing I can go to him for advice and definitely great and one I’ll be trying to use because obviously he’s one of the best of our generation so he’s a great and vital source to get some key information from." Jubb claimed his maiden ITF title last year in Cancun and also achieved a career-high ranking of No. 427 in the world.