Andy Murray: Tennis is Likely to Be One of the Last Sports to Come Back to Normal

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Andy Murray: Tennis is Likely to Be One of the Last Sports to Come Back to Normal

Former World No. 1 Andy Murray says that tennis will be one of the last sports to come back to normality due to the global nature of the sport, in an interview to CNN. The three-time Grand Slam champion, who has not played since October, says, "If you took the French Open, let's say things in Europe have improved, but there are certain countries that might still have issues.

Let's say it was still an issue in South America, for example, and France was not allowing flights in from South America or certain countries. And you then have a tournament basically where people or players from a certain continent or countries are not allowed to come in to compete.

I think the tournament loses. We'd have to feel as though the whole world is working normally and traveling normally again before tennis can come back, especially the major competitions." The Scot is of the view that prize money in tennis needs to be better distributed - something that many players have voiced in recent times.

"Players ranked 250-300 in the world, it's going to be really, really challenging for them. And I think in the last few years, there has been some improvements and some changes, but probably not enough. Sometimes you see the prize money check for the winner of the grand slams.

And it's like, I don't know what it is exactly, but something like $4 million. And could that money be used better and spent elsewhere in the earlier rounds or the qualifying draws or maybe used to grow some of the smaller events?" Murray has not played since October due to a pelvic injury and was hoping to make a comeback at the Miami Open prior to the tennis shutdown.