Henman: 'When the time is right, Andy Murray will be ready to go'

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Henman: 'When the time is right, Andy Murray will be ready to go'

Two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray hasn't played in 2020 yet, after a pelvic problem prevented him from taking part in the swing to Australia. The former World number 1 was ready to return to action at the Miami Open, but the pandemic forced ATP to suspend the circuit until at least July.

Former British No 1 Tim Henman believes he will be ready to return to the game after he watched him: “I saw Andy playing at the NTC and he looked like he was moving more freely, pushing his hip more and more, so it’s a shame that this has happened,” Henman said in an interview with Tennis365.

“He has had to be patient for three years now. Pretty much since he lost to (Sam) Querrey at Wimbledon in 2017 when he was pretty much playing on one leg, he will be frustrated if he is ready to come back and now can’t.

If and when the time is right, he will be ready to go" - he added. Tim will not be tempted to make a full-time return to the game: “I really enjoyed the ATP Cup. Being around the players, the practice, the event was fantastic and very well run.

We had so many of the top players there, but there was a start point and an end point that was important for me. For me, the unappealing element of coaching is travelling. I have a family and having travelled so much as a player, that doesn’t appeal to me now.

If you don’t want to travel, coaching is probably not the industry for you. I’ve had different offers and it is not that I don’t enjoy the game, but unless something dramatic changes, I don’t see myself coaching a player.

With the ATP Cup, the captain is chosen by the No 1 player and if I was asked to do it again, there is a good chance I’d say yes”.