Murray agrees to InstaLive with Kyrgios as long as Aussie Promises to Behave

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Murray agrees to InstaLive with Kyrgios as long as Aussie Promises to Behave

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios invited former World No. 1 and good friend Andy Murray for an Instagram Live session to which the Scot agreed as long as the Australian tennis star promised to behave himself. The invite came after Murray posted a video of himself on Instagram Live hitting for the first time in 7 weeks at his home where Murray ended up hitting the ball into his neighbour's garden.

Kyrgios was amused by the video and commented on it, saying, "Hahahahahahahaha - Muzz Instagram live? Let's get some banter going. Let's set this up." Murray agreed to Kyrgios' invite but had one condition - "I'm in so long as you promise to behave", along with a couple of crying laughter emojis.

Earlier, Kyrgios had also asked Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal for a Instagram Live session after the topic came up from a BBC Sports tweet on Facetimes that fans would like to see - one of them featured Kyrgios and Nadal who have not had the best of relations on and off the court over the past couple of years.

Kyrgios was quick to respond to the suggestion, saying he was ready and asked Nadal for an Instagram Live session. When Nadal was asked the same on an interview, he responded that Kyrgios might enjoy with someone more closer to his age and style.

"I don't mind doing a live with Nick. But there's a generational gap and he might have more fun with someone closer to his age and style." Let's hope the Kyrgios - Murray Instagram Live session does work out soon as their fans would surely love to see them interact.