Patrick McEnroe: McEnroe Brothers would beat the Murray siblings in doubles

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Patrick McEnroe: McEnroe Brothers would beat the Murray siblings in doubles

Patrick McEnroe believes he and brother John McEnroe would prevail in a doubles match up over the Murray brothers, Jamie & Andy if the two pairs of siblings played a doubles match. Speaking to BBC Sport, the 53 year old Patrick says, "Either way, it's going the distance, whether we play with the old wood racquets or not.

"Both Murray brothers have amazing hands, so they could play with anything. My brother certainly could and he was arguably the greatest individual doubles player of all time. "You'd have the calm guys - me and Jamie.

I'm guessing John and Andy would probably go at it a little bit. "There would some serious language and some serious intensity going on. It would also be a lot of fun and very competitive but I'm going to give the edge to the McEnroes - obviously - mostly because of my brother."

The former French Open doubles champion says the three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray could probably get back into the Top 20 when the circuit resumes. Murray has not played since October due to a pelvic injury. "I would say he could get close but I think it's going to be difficult for him to get back to the level he was at, in other words, right there with [Roger] Federer, [Rafael] Nadal and [Novak] Djokovic.

"I do think he could probably get back to the top 20 or top 15. When he came back and won that tournament indoors [the European Open in Antwerp in 2019] that was a great sign. "So if he could get back and be in the mix, that would be awesome and we would love to see that in the tennis world."

McEnroe credits the Murray brothers saying what they have achieved coming from Scotland, which does not have much of a tennis history, is incredible. "It's absolutely incredible that they did it from Scotland. It's an amazing country but it doesn't have an amazing tennis history.

"Just getting them to be professionals would have been a huge accomplishment. So the fact that they went on to become world number one in both singles [Andy] and doubles [Jamie] is incredible."