Andy Murray on the pressures of individual sports vs. team sports


Andy Murray on the pressures of individual sports vs. team sports

Former World No. 1 Andy Murray spoke about the difference between an individual sport and team sport and the pressures of competing in each in a recent discussion with Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford on the Tennis United show.

The three-time Grand Slam champion says, "One of the nice things about an individual sport is that the outcome of the match is solely reliant on you, so if you go out and have a great performance, the chances are that you win.

In a team sport, you might play badly and the rest of your team plays great, and you still win. That’s where I feel like in the individual sport it puts quite a lot of pressure on. You put quite a lot of pressure on yourself to perform.

But I guess in a team sport as well, you don’t want to let your fans down, you don’t want to let your teammates down as well”. The Scot says he played a lot of team sports during his younger days and enjoyed playing as part of a team.

"I did love that and I still just love the team competitions in tennis a lot, but it is quite different because the losses as well that you have are maybe tougher because you don’t have really a group of people around you that are dealing with the same thing.

There are pros and cons I think to both, but I love the fact that in tennis if you put in the work yourself you solely can influence the outcome of the match. You don’t need to rely on other players as well”. Murray says he plans to comeback to the sport when the circuit resumes. He has not played since October last year due to a pelvic injury.

Andy Murray