Jack Draper: Andy Murray said it'd be embarrassing to lose to guy with metal hip

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Jack Draper: Andy Murray said it'd be embarrassing to lose to guy with metal hip

Rising British star Jack Draper is developing a closer relationship with Andy Murray as the two have been practicing lately but also trash talking each other. The Battle of the Brits kicks off this Tuesday and there has been a lot of trash talk among the eight participants in their WhatsApp group.

Draper, 18, admits he has been a target in the group but he is doing much better with it now and in recent days he went after three-time Grand Slam champion Murray. Draper, ranked at No. 285 in the world, played a full-on practice set against former world No.

1 Murray this week and he edged out the three-time Grand Slam champion 7-6. Reportedly, two-time Wimbledon champion Murray wasn't pleased after losing to Draper. "I beat him in 7-6, neither of us was in great form he took it badly," Draper told Sportsmail.

Draper, who is enjoying a career-high ranking at the moment, was quoted by Sportsmail saying: "'It's a disgrace if you lose to a guy with a metal hip." But Draper went on to Twitter to declare things: "What I actually said was 'Andy has been saying to the players playing next week that it would be embarrassing if they lost to him with a mental hip'"

Per Jack Draper, Murray loves to do trash talk but he doesn't love when he is on the receiving end of it.

"We have had this group chat for six weeks. I'm getting so much abuse on it. I tried radio silence for a week but I was still getting blasted.

I ended up having a couple of beers on a Saturday night and I went in on all of them, which was satisfying. Andy likes to give it out but he can take it," Draper said. "Twenty years ago if you were giving someone a lot of gip or banter it was a sign that they respect you, but these days it might be taken as hurting your feelings.

I just enjoy it. Next week is going to be really good, pride is on the line." But Draper then praised Murray as he believes the former world No. 1 will be able to play well once the season resumes. "I think he is just happy to be playing again," Draper noted.

''He has got a metal hip but he is still moving pretty well." The hope is that Draper will fulfill his potential and become the next big thing in the British tennis. Before the season was suspended, 2018 Wimbledon boys' singles runner-up Jack Draper made two Futures final and claimed one title on that level.