Andy Murray calls for tough sanctions for those who break rules at US Open

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Andy Murray calls for tough sanctions for those who break rules at US Open

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray thinks the majority of players will follow the strict health restrictions set by the US Open organizers but underlines there will be those who will break rules. The US Open organizers have received the green light to proceed with the event as originally scheduled from August 31 - September 13.

The USTA will stage both the Cincinnati Masters and US Open in New York, where players will be put in a bubble and required to follow strict health restrictions so the risk of anyone getting infected gets minimized. "I think the majority of players will but it would be silly to expect nobody would break the rules and the protocols," Murray said, as quoted on Metro UK.

"You’ve seen that in the NBA and I think it has happened in the golf, I’m not 100% sure, I could be wrong on that. "In the NBA for example, which I think will be a similarish set-up for us, players have broken it so we should be preparing for that and that is where it is really important, I think, the repercussions should be quite serious because you end up putting the whole tour and event at risk.

"The USTA is going through a huge effort to try to get this on and make it as safe as possible so if players aren’t abiding by the rules the repercussions should be severe."

Murray expresses his doubts over the trustworthiness of government coronavirus advice

Several days ago, 2012 US Open champion Murray confirmed he intends to travel to New York and play at Flushing Meadows this year.

"I will have apprehensions about getting there and getting on flights for the first time in months," Murray said. "It is a difficult one because you don’t know when the right time to start travelling would be, who do you listen to? "Do you trust everything the government is telling you all the time? Probably not.

"You need to make your own decision on that and I trust that the USTA will have come up with a secure bubble for the players. It is just the getting there that I would be a bit concerned with." Murray warned players who intend to play the US Open and then the French Open -- which starts on September 27 -- to be careful.

"You know, the players need to be smart with their scheduling," Murray added. "There is no time in-between the events to do a 10-day preparation on the surfaces."