Andy Murray: Seeing Roger Federer in Stan Wawrinka's box at Olympics was bit weird

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Andy Murray: Seeing Roger Federer in Stan Wawrinka's box at Olympics was bit weird

Great Britain's Andy Murray says seeing Roger Federer in Stan Wawrinka's box at the 2012 London Olympics was a "bit weird." But Murray wasn't distracted as he beat Wawrinka, before he handed a straight-set defeat to Federer in the final to claim his maiden Olympic gold medal.

"When I played in the Olympics against Wawrinka in the first round in London, Federer was sitting in his box for that match. That was quite weird. I don't know. It was just a bit weird looking up and seeing him sitting in the players box when usually you look up and see kind of coaches and family and whatnot.

He was there in his Swiss track suit and stuff," Murray said after his US Open first round win at the US Open. "I don't know, he's obviously one of the best players of all time, and he was, yeah, just sitting in the box.

I played well in that match, so I don't want to say he put me off. "Yeah, I mean, there's not anyone I wouldn't want to watch me, but definitely you feel certain player's presence more than others maybe."

Murray hopes Juan Martin del Potro makes a full recovery

After undergoing two hip surgeries, Murray made a comeback to tennis and now he is hoping that 2009 US Open champion Juan Martin del Potro will do the same. Del Potro hasn't played since he re-injured his knee in 2019 June at the Queens Club.

"Yeah, I mean, obviously I don't know exactly which surgery he had. Yeah, I mean, I was sad obviously when I heard that. I was actually, yeah, chatting to my team about maybe reaching out to him in the last couple of days.

Because, yeah, I mean, he's been unbelievably unlucky during his career with multiple, multiple injuries. He keeps, yeah, trying and keeps wanting to come back to play," Murray said. "I during my career would have been certainly healthier than him.

But these last couple of years, I can totally understand what he's going through. Just now, mentally it must be unbelievably challenging. "Yeah, I hope that the surgery is a success for him. I hope he manages to get healthy again and back on the court.

If he didn't totally love tennis, there's no chance he would have kept trying. He obviously loves the sport. It would be brilliant to see him get a few more years out of his body because he deserves that."