Andy Murray: I'd say Roger Federer will be first player from Big 4 to retire

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Andy Murray: I'd say Roger Federer will be first player from Big 4 to retire

Great Britain's Andy Murray, 33, thinks 39-year-old Roger Federer will be the first player from the Big Four to retire. The Big Four -- consisting of Murray, Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal -- have dominated the men's Tour for the past decade and a half.

Djokovic, a 17-time Grand Slam champion, is 33 years old, while 20-time Grand Slam champion Nadal is 34 years old. "People ask me, who will retire first: Federer, Djokovic, Nadal or myself? I’d say Federer. He’s 39.

But who knows? If something happened to my hip, for instance, I couldn’t do anything about it," Murray exclusively told The Guardian. Murray always shows lots of emotions on the court but he insists he is actually a very laid-back person.

"People see me on TV and think I am very intense, moody and difficult. But take me away from the court and I’m pretty laid-back. I don’t have a temper. I don’t break things; I don’t punch walls; I don’t shout and scream.

But when I’m on the tennis court, I do," Murray claimed.

Murray says Marat Safin the only player he was intimated by

Murray has had clashes against some of the biggest names in tennis history but the only player he has ever been intimated by is former world No.

1 Safin. "The only player I was intimidated by – and I don’t know why, exactly – was Marat Safin. I played him when I was young at Cincinnati, in 2005. Sometimes I’d speak to him and he’d be nice, and sometimes – I don’t know whether he didn’t like me or not – I found it a bit tricky," Murray revealed.

Murray says he is used to criticism and insults but one time a bad comment really hurt his feelings. In the 2011 Wimbledon semifinal, Murray won the first set against Nadal before the Spaniard won three sets in a row to claim the win and prevent the Briton from winning his maiden Grand Slam title.

"People have said some terrible things to me, but I don’t let it bother me. But there was one time. I had just lost in the semis at Wimbledon [against Rafael Nadal in 2011] and was walking down the street with my wife.

Some guys drove past and screamed, “You fucking loser!” It was a period in my career where I was already doubting myself. I found it hurtful," Murray confessed.