Andy Murray: I was pissed off to miss Australian Open

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Andy Murray: I was pissed off to miss Australian Open

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray admitted he was "pissed off" to miss the Australian Open but also frustrated that he spread the coronavirus within his family. In late-January, Murray announced he tested positive for the coronavirus and that he would be unable to travel to Australia.

After Murray, several more members of his family tested positive for the coronavirus and one relative suffered badly as a result. "I was pissed off that I missed the tournament and wasn’t able to go to Australia from a personal perspective, but then the wider more important point, is that it’s not just about a tennis tournament, when I am going back and giving the virus to all of my family and infecting them," Murray said, per Metro UK.

"I care about that a lot. "And I don’t think people always realise that if you’re not sticking to what the rules and the protocols are, or the protocols that are in place are not good enough, you’re putting people in serious danger.

It’s frustrating."

Murray suspects he contracted the virus at NTC

Murray believed he contract the coronavirus at Britain's National Tennis Centre. "I couldn’t pick it up anywhere else because I hadn’t left my house or the NTC for ten weeks, and then obviously there was some positive cases there," Murray noted.

"I certainly couldn’t have picked it up from my family because they were all negative. "I stuck to all of the protocols that were in place. I didn’t leave my house or the NTC for the 10 weeks of training.

"I would have gone for a walk with my dogs around the block or taking my kids around the block on their scooters for some exercise. I have got an electric car so I didn’t stop at any petrol stations on the way there.

I was very careful because it’s not just for tennis reasons. "I obviously don’t know what everyone gets up to when we are away from the tennis venue but I know that none of my team have had the virus. I was the only one to pick it up and none of my family had it before, so I brought it to them.

"The only two places I went to were the National Tennis Centre and my house, so I know where I got it from. I am very comfortable with how I conducted myself."