Jamie Murray disagrees with Andy Murray's criticism of National Tennis Centre

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Jamie Murray disagrees with Andy Murray's criticism of National Tennis Centre

Andy Murray blamed Great Britain's National Tennis Centre for contracting COVID-19 and missing the Australian Open but his brother Jamie Murray disagreed with that criticism. In late-January, three-time Grand Slam champion Andy tested positive for the coronavirus and he was unable to travel to Australia for the Australian Open.

Last week, Andy said he was extremely cautious not to contract the coronavirus and he blamed poor COVID-19 protocols at the National Tennis Centre for his positive test. "Obviously it happened to Andy, which is going to be big news, and in that short time where we had to be COVID-free in order to fly to Australia," Jamie said, per PA.

"I think overall from the beginning of the pandemic when they were able to open the centre until now, like they have done an incredible job. The set-ups that they had in place, the protocols, all that stuff, the testing, they have done a great job.

"Obviously over Christmas it was like height of the virus for us, and players go off back home for a few days all over the country, various hot spots and stuff, and it seems like someone's obviously brought it back into the centre and they haven't been tested and then it's kind of - it's got out to players and coaches, which is unfortunate."

Jamie Murray says the NTC can't be blamed

"But me personally, I don't necessarily feel like it's their fault or it's them to blame. I think overall they have done an amazing job, and I think to have the centre open to give all the players opportunities to train all the way through the pandemic, for me it was impressive," Jamie added.

"It's just a shame that in this moment they had some positive tests and it happened to be Andy, which is obviously a big shame with the amount of work that he's put in to get to this point to prepare himself for Australia, and all that's down the drain.

I was gutted for him, obviously, as was he, I'm sure, very frustrated." Jamie Murray is set to play in the Australian Open men's doubles event with his partner Bruno Soares.