Andy Murray after win over Robin Haase: It was average at best

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Andy Murray after win over Robin Haase: It was average at best

Andy Murray, 33, insists physically he is now in a better place than he was in late 2019 when he won his first ATP title since 2017 in Antwerp. Murray, a former world No. 1, scored his first ATP win since August 2020 after beating Dutch Robin Haase in the Rotterdam first round 2-6 7-6 (2) 6-3.

“I know physically I’m in a better place that I was at then end of 2019, from all of the results I have from all of the gym work and stuff,” Murray said, per The Herald Scotland. “When I finished in Antwerp in 2019 I felt good physically and then the next time I got on the court I had an issue with my groin and it took ages for that to get better.

“Physically I feel good right now, but you don’t know what’s round the corner and that’s the thing I’ve been more anxious and apprehensive about, more than my tennis”.

Murray had a horrendous start to the match

After the first set, it seemed that Murray would pick up an easy straight-set loss but he lifted his level and won in three sets.

“From the mental side yeah, I did well to win because I was really struggling with my game for probably about an hour and a half of that match,” Murray acknowledged. “I haven’t really felt like that many times in my career, mis-timing the ball, I was…I don’t know.

It was very strange. I didn’t quite know what to do out there. “When I did feel I was making the right decisions, I was just mis-timing the ball, it wasn’t coming off my racket like usual. “I didn’t return well and then I found a way and actually at the end, I started to play a bit better – so the mental side and the physical side was positive.

“I moved pretty well and played for two-and-a-half hours and my hips and groin and stuff felt good, so that was positive. “But from the tennis side, it was average at best”.