Andy Murray: 'I can still compete against the best players and chase Wimbledon crown'

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Andy Murray: 'I can still compete against the best players and chase Wimbledon crown'

The three-time Major champion Andy Murray had to deal with numerous setbacks in the previous four years, stepping down from the ATP throne and undergoing two hip surgeries to extend his career and play competitive tennis again.

The Briton claimed an ATP title at the end of 2019, just a couple of weeks before another injury at the Davis Cup Finals that forced him to stay away from the action until the last August! After a couple of wins following the season's restart, Murray lost three straight matches to finish the year, working hard during the off-season and preparing for 2021.

Andy tested positive for the coronavirus just before the trip to Australia, losing a couple of more weeks and slowly getting back on track in February. After a solid Rotterdam campaign, Murray had to skip Dubai due to his fourth child's birth, spending time with family ahead of the Miami trip.

The Briton is ready to seek a deep run in Florida, confident about his chances at one of his favorite tournaments, where he had much success in the past. Andy still dreams about winning another Wimbledon title, knowing it would be extremely tough but believing it is still possible if he remains healthy.

Andy Murray still dreams about big titles and victories.

"I expect a lot better than what I produced in the three tournaments that I played so far and more consistency. There were some good signs at the end of the match with Robin Haase and in the first set against Rublev in Rotterdam, but I need to do that for two hours rather than 20, 30 minutes here and there.

Hopefully, that will come with matches and also being around the top players more. That was an excellent thing in Rotterdam - before the tournament, I got to practice with Stefanos Tsitsipas and Borna Coric. It's a different level, different speed of the ball and stuff.

I did well in the practices and competed well, but it took me a bit of time to feel comfortable at that level. I want to make sure I get on the court with as many top players as possible in Miami, and I expect to perform much better on the court.

I like the conditions there. I haven't played much outdoors in recent months, so that's why I'm trying to get out there early, to try and adjust to the conditions a bit. I know that I'm still capable of playing at the highest level.

Before Australia, like in December, I was chatting to my team about the Aussie Open. I was like: 'I feel like I can still go deep in that tournament.' I was starting to believe it, visualize it and stuff - which hadn't been the case last year or anything.

So, I expect to go and do well in these events. Winning it right now is probably a bit ambitious, but I feel like I can compete with the world's top players. Hopefully, in a few months, if I can remain on the court and healthy, with more matches and stuff, it'll start to happen more regularly.

I want to be on the courts at Wimbledon and feeling like I have a chance of winning the event. I'm aware that that would be extremely tough, but I do genuinely believe it's possible. I need weeks and months of training and practicing and matches and good health.

But I do feel like it's possible. I'm sure some people will think I'm delusional and that my best days are behind me and everything - which may be the case. But I still feel I can compete with the best players in the biggest tournaments," Andy Murray said.