Andy Murray speaks on what he might do in retirement

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Andy Murray speaks on what he might do in retirement

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray tried to work out at 5:30am in the early weeks of the pandemic but eventually gave it up because it was too hard. Murray, 33, has four children and he would try to work out before his kids wake up.

"Trying to balance the professional and the family life was tricky – the first few weeks I was getting up at 5.30am to do my gym sessions before the kids woke up,” Murray told The Gentleman’s Journal.

“But after a few weeks I was like: ‘This is not worth it.’ I thought I would do my workouts when everyone else was sleeping. But I quickly realised I can’t do this every morning."

Murray in not an ideal position

"Most parents have never experienced having a child or working with an athlete who is potentially world class, so you rely on the experts to help guide you, but I don’t think that always management companies have the athletes’ best interests at heart,” Murray said.

"Does a kid really need a pressure of one of the biggest management companies in world sport looking after them when they are 12-13? I don’t know if that’s the right message to send”. Murray is 33 and he is coming off two major hip surgeries but still he is refusing to quit and call it a career.

However, Murray certainly won't be playing for many more years on the Tour and his retirement could come in the next two or three years. "I have a management company, which works with some younger athletes too, which will hopefully continue post my playing career because I feel like I made quite a lot of mistakes on that front when I was younger in my career – if I could help other athletes making those same mistakes," Murray said, when asked what he might do in retirement.