Andy Murray reveals some of his regrets

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Andy Murray reveals some of his regrets

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray has admitted that he has made a lot of mistakes throughout his career. "There’s been lots of things,” Murray told The Gentlemans Journal. “Me and my brother first signed a deal with a management company when were 12 or 13-years-old.

And you rely on these experts to help guide you — but I don’t think management companies always have their athletes’ best interests at heart. Signing athletes at 12 or 13 suggests that they don’t. "Because, you know, does a kid really need the pressure of one of the biggest management companies in world sport looking after them at that age? I don’t know if that’s the right message to send.

So yes, there are a lot of things that I wish I had done differently. And that’s one of the mistakes, for sure, I made when I was younger”.

Murray regrets traveling with his Play Station

One of the first mistakes Murray made in his career was traveling with his Play Station and not going out so much during tournaments and experiencing many wonderful places.

"In my younger years,” Murray says, “I always used to travel with my PlayStation, I didn’t really go out and see the sights or do the touristy things. And I kind of regret that now. I wish I had done it a bit more.

Because we got to go to some amazing places and travel all round the world. So yes, I do regret that a little now — because it was such a great opportunity to see such an amazing things. But, usually, when we arrived we’d just train”.

Murray, 33, is now much more experienced and he is set to turn 34 in May. The three-time Grand Slam champion underwent two major hip surgeries in recent years but he has refused to quit the game.