Andy Murray speaks on potential Wimbledon bubble

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Andy Murray speaks on potential Wimbledon bubble

Great Britain's Andy Murray has acknowledged that staying in a hotel bubble during the grass season won't be easy but he will do it if that means keeping everyone safe. Last season, the whole grass season was cancelled due to COVID-19 but this season the plan is to stage the biggest grass court events.

“Obviously I would way rather not be staying in a hotel. It would be a shame but, if that’s what we’ve got to do to keep everyone safe, then that’s what we’ll do,'' Murray told PA news agency.

“If you look at what the schedule is, and you have to potentially go into a bubble at Queen’s. We’ve been told that the ticketing for Wimbledon is going to be vastly reduced for the players for family. “It would be very odd playing at Wimbledon without, not just being able to see your family and stuff, but not having them there to support in the matches as well.

“That’s the times we’re living in. Hopefully, if we keep going with the vaccinations, there’ll be a possibility for potentially family members and friends that have been vaccinated to come in and get tickets and come to support.

If not, that’s what it will have to be this year”.

Murray happy to have fans back

The 2020 season was suspended in March and it resumed in late-August. Nine months later, some tournaments offer a limited number of crowd while some take stage behind the closed doors.

Murray revealed he didn't miss fans that much at the beginning but as the time went by he started missing the fans. “At the beginning I didn’t miss it (crowds) that much, I was just pumped to be competing again. But, as the weeks go on, that’s kind of what you pla