Andy Murray: People think I can't play at this level anymore

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Andy Murray: People think I can't play at this level anymore

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray is feeling okay at the moment but admitted he is unsure how will his body react after competitive matches. Murray, who is set to play at this week's ATP event in Queen's, hasn't played since early-March and losing in the Rotterdam round-of-16.

"I feel okay,’ said Murray at a press conference on Monday. ‘I don’t feel perfect, but, yeah, like, I have been practicing well over the last month or so pretty consistently. I have been training at Wimbledon, and we came out here the last few days and had a couple of good practices.

"The question mark is obviously whether the body holds up and I can’t say with any great certainty right now whether that’s going to happen or not, because I have been feeling good at different points throughout the last nine months or so, and practised really well, felt good going into tournaments.

Then, you know, something’s happened or whatever happened in Miami. "I can’t say with any great certainty I will be okay. I mean, I hope I will be, because I’m sure and I have seen enough again in practice that my tennis is fine and in a good place, but physically I need to hold up under playing matches."

Murray has heard his doubters

"I don’t know exactly what everyone is expecting of me, but judging by what you can see on social media, a lot of people don’t think that I can play and compete at this level anymore," Murray acknowledged.

"So I don’t know what the expectations should be, but for me, my focus is on, you know, my body and that’s my hope and my goals is to be physically fit. I’m still training well and practising well, and I’m in good shape in terms of all the numbers and everything I’m producing in the gym.

"I’m aware that that stuff is really it’s irrelevant. You need to be able to get through tennis matches and compete at the highest level. I have been unable to do that. So I have said at the beginning I don’t want to promise anything in terms of that respect, because I don’t even know myself exactly. Let’s wait and see what happens, but my goal and priority is to be healthy."