Andy Murray speaks on GOAT race

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Andy Murray speaks on GOAT race

Andy Murray has acknowledged that Novak Djokovic has made a good case that he is the greatest tennis player of all time. On Sunday, Djokovic -- who has won at least twice each Masters event -- recovered from two sets down in the French Open final to capture his 19th Grand Slam.

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer still hold the Grand Slam record as each have won 20 Majors. ‘I mean, none of their careers are finished yet, so I think obviously you have to wait and see what happens, but, I mean, all of them – yeah, for me the fact he’s won every Masters Series twice," Murray said.

‘And yesterday has won every Slam twice, as well, which for him is something that that obviously stands out as where you could make that argument, well, you know, that is incredible what he’s done. ‘Then, like, with Rafa you would then look and go, Well, on clay he’s won 13 French Opens.

You know, that’s the most that anyone has won at a single Slam. That’s incredible. Then with Roger, you know, he’s been doing it all multiple kind of generations now. He’s still able to compete at the highest level.

He’s 39 years old. You know, his record and his results on grass are unmatched. You know, all of them have, you know, things that or achievements that you could argue make them better than another."

Murray acknowledges the greatness of the Big 3

‘I mean, I’m not, I don’t know if they are, maybe they are, but I’m not that fussed about who is the best.

I think there is no doubt that it’s been the best era in tennis history. I know people said the same thing like when Sampras won 14. It was like, God, I don’t think anyone is ever going to beat that, or, It’s going to take a long time for someone to beat a record of 14, and then you’ve got three guys that are probably going to win 20-plus majors in the next generation;" Murray said.

‘So it’s incredible what all of them have done. It’s been great to have played during that period and also challenging, but, yeah, I think as a tennis fan it’s been a great, great time to get to watch it and play a small part in it as a player, as well.