Andy Murray: It was cool to have hit with Roger Federer at Wimbledon

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Andy Murray: It was cool to have hit with Roger Federer at Wimbledon

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray is optimistic that he could make a deep run at Wimbledon if his body holds up. For the first time since 2017, Murray is set to play singles at The Championships. “The way that I've been performing in my practices with top players, I'm not going out there and getting whacked,” Murray said.

“I'm competing well with all of the players that I practised with. That's the really positive thing for me. That's one of the reasons why I'm sure that if my body holds up that I can do well and can compete with these guys on the biggest stages.

I think how you perform in them can give you some knowledge about where you are. “I'll just go out there and I'll compete for every point. If my body hurts afterwards, fine. It's more the build-up that's the hard part, knowing how much to push, having the mentality to really go for it in training”.

Murray enjoyed practicing with Roger Federer

On Friday, world No. 119 Murray had a hit with record eight-time Wimbledon champion Federer. “Getting to play with Roger was really cool for me. They're the sort of things that probably like six, seven years ago I wouldn't have given any thought to it,” Murray said.

“I would have seen that as just being a practice session pre-major with a top player, and focusing kind of on myself. “I'm probably appreciating these things more. When I take a step back from that, as a tennis fan, getting to play with Roger Federer two days before Wimbledon, it's really great”.

Murray has had two major hip surgeries since 2017. “I'm delighted that I can be back competing here again. I'm most excited about being in front of a big crowd and the fans and everything. That's really something that I've missed a lot.

I miss being on Centre Court. I miss the pressure of that, as well. That's something I'm looking forward to feeling again,” Murray said.