Denis Shapovalov: I grew up wanting to play Andy Murray in big spotlight

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Denis Shapovalov: I grew up wanting to play Andy Murray in big spotlight

Canadian tennis star Denis Shapovalov is excited about facing Andy Murray on the Wimbledon Centre Court as growing up he dreamed of playing the Briton in the spotlight. Shapovalov, ranked at No. 12 in the world, was given a walkover by Pablo Andujar in the second round.

Shapovalov and Murray are set to face off against each other for the first time in their respective careers. “I think it’s a great moment for me,” Shapovalov assured, per Tennis Majors. “It’s going to be my first time on Centre Court at Wimbledon, so it’s definitely super exciting for me and my team and my career — definitely a match I grew up wanting to play against Andy in the spotlight like this”.

Shapovalov watched Murray taking on Oscar Otte

In the second round on Wednesday, Murray won the last two sets against Otte to earn a win in five sets. "I’ve watched a little bit; watched his match yesterday,” Shapovalov said of his upcoming opponent.

“And, honestly, just as a tennis fan it was fun to watch…as a fan of Andy’s to see him back and moving so well, especially those last two sets, how he turned it around…. It felt like he was the player that he was a couple years back.

It was really exciting to see. Watching the last couple of sets yesterday, it looked like the old Andy out there. It brought a lot of memories back to me, when he was dominant and playing so well. Even the commentators were saying that’s the old Andy right there, and for sure it was….

To see him moving the way he’s moving now, especially on the slick grass, it’s great to see — obviously not as an opponent, but as a fan of the sport”. Shapovalov enters the matchup against Murray as the favorite to beat the three-time Grand Slam champion.