Andy Murray reveals his plan after Wimbledon exit

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Andy Murray reveals his plan after Wimbledon exit

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray plans to return to the practice court following the end of his Wimbledon campaign. Murray, who received a wildcard for Wimbledon, suffered a 6-4 6-2 6-2 loss to Denis Shapovalov in the Wimbledon third round.

"I need matches and I need a run of them and time on the practice court if I want to improve my game, which clearly I need to. I'm not suggesting my game is in the best place. I'm going to have to spend a lot of time on the practice court working on stuff," Murray said, per Ravi Ubha.

Shapovalov respects Murray

"I think it's probably one of my best performances, even outside of Wimbledon. I think I definitely played really flawless today and just super solid," Shapovalov said. "It was an incredible experience.

It was a dream of mine to grow up one day and play on the Centre Court at Wimbledon. I have seen so many legends play there, and it's always just been a huge goal of mine. "To go out there today and to play a guy like Andy, who is also just such a legend, and to beat him today with the tennis I was playing, it was incredible for me."

Shapovalov is a big fan of Murray. “Honestly, I told him at the net that he’s my hero,” Shapovalov praised in an on-court interview. “Achievements aside, what he’s been able to do in the sport to come back with an injury like this, to be playing the tennis that he’s playing, moving the way he’s moving… I said after his second match it was truly like ‘vintage Andy’ and so much fun to see as a fan.

“The first set we played today was super, super intense, I had to really, really give it my all. After that, I was able to maintain the level as he dropped a little bit. But still, it’s incredible what he’s done to reach the third round like this. Obviously he’s just starting back up, so it’s going to be amazing to see what he can do”.