'Nick Kyrgios' probably one of the greatest...', says legend

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'Nick Kyrgios' probably one of the greatest...', says legend

Bernard Tomic has told Nick Kyrgios that it is "a matter of time" before he faces him on a tennis court. On Wednesday, Kyrgios had a question and answer session with his fans on Instagram. A fan wanted to know if Kyrgios was interested in facing Tomic in an exhibition match.

Kyrgios launched against Tomic, who is ranked 660, suggesting that they are not in the same league. "Is the exhibition against Tomic going to happen?" a fan asked Kyrgios on Instagram. Kyrgios replied: "TBH (to be honest), I don't think he wants to make it relevant anymore.

I'm not going to bother with someone 800 in the world. But all the best". Tomic also did his own Q&A on Instagram. Several fans asked him what he thought of Kyrgios's blow and that he "dirty" him with his comments. In his response, Tomic suggested that Kyrgios is scared to meet him.

"It's only a matter of time before I see you Nicky boy," Tomic wrote on Instagram in response, along with the hashtag words "obsessed" and "scared." This season, Tomic has been playing mostly at the Challenger and ITF levels.

Earlier this month, Tomic captured his first title since 2018 after winning the ITF Cancun. This week, Tomic returns to play at the ITF in Cancun, where he has reached the quarterfinals. After winning Cancun three weeks ago, Tomic improved some 150 places on the ATP Rankings list.

One of the fans asked Tomic, a former Top 20 player, when we would see him ranked in the Top 100 again.

Laver comments on Kyrgios

Asked by the Telegraph on the sidelines of the Laver Cup which took place in London last weekend, Rod Laver spoke in particular about his compatriot Nick Kyrgios, who finally seems to have realized his immense talent.

Finalist at Wimbledon against Novak Djokovic in July, the Australian received encouragement but also some reprimands from his elder. “Kyrgios has every ability in the world, every shot you could want to do. He's probably one of the greatest servers in the game.

He's precise, he can play under pressure. I was delighted that he reached the final, but he didn't think he could win Wimbledon. In my mind, I said, 'Hey, do your best performance. You might surprise yourself. A month or two later, I said to him, ‘You can win these games, why don’t you apply yourself, man?’ I think that hit him close.

He realized he was good enough and he could do it. It's the best thing that ever happened to him. Unfortunately, he said he wanted to return to Australia and not play the Laver Cup. But he knows he can play and compete now. He must not enter the court saying to himself: "If I win three games, that's enough". Now he's like, 'Next year? Wimbledon? You will see a different player."