Nick Kyrgios: 'My whole life I've been ice cold under it'

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Nick Kyrgios: 'My whole life I've been ice cold under it'

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios, 27, has hinted that his career could come to an end in the next three years. On Saturday, Kyrgios held a question and answer session with his fans on Instagram. Responding to a question, Kyrgios indicated that he does not plan to play professional tennis after his 30th birthday.

"Honestly, probably not (I'll play past 30). I want to be able to not be disturbed. I'll probably go home to the Bahamas and sit back and do nothing," Kyrgios replied to a fan during a Q&A on Instagram. After Kyrgios defeated Daniil Medvedev to reach the US Open quarterfinals, he made a comment that drew attention.

"It's the last major tournament of the year. We have to try to hold on and keep pushing each other, keep being positive. Next week we go home. But three more matches, potentially, and then we won't have to play tennis again," Kyrgios said after beating Medvedev at the US Open.

Reacting to Kyrgios' remarks, John McEnroe said that he was worried Kyrgios would do an "Ashleigh Barty" if he won the US Open. "Well, I have bad news for you. Ash Barty [retired after winning a major], so it's not impossible to think that he could do that.

"We hope he doesn't because there's a phrase, I think it's global, 'better late than never' That applies to Nick, because he wasn't professional for a long time, he played a lot of games where he didn't give it his all, and now You see what he's capable of when he does it.

And he trains and he's fit and the guy is phenomenal," McEnroe said, reacting to Kyrgios' remarks. In the end, Kyrgios' hopes of winning the US Open were dashed in the quarterfinals after a surprising loss to Karen Khachanov.

Kyrgios reached the Wimbledon final

Nick Kyrgios has said that he has no regrets about his infamous on-court behavior and multiple outbursts over the years. "Making it entertaining? Not being in the box like the rest of you? Winning majority of the time? Being Top 20 in the world? Nah, I love it," Nick Kyrgios wrote in response.

"Because my whole life I've been ice cold under it, so I expect better from myself. Also because there is millions of dollars at stake. Do you know what that feels like?" Kyrgios said, responding to a fan who asked him why he expresses anger in pressure situations during matches.