Nick Kyrgios: 'I’ve learnt that the people will never...'

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Nick Kyrgios: 'I’ve learnt that the people will never...'

Never banal. Or at least, never predictable. Nick Kyrgios, after the hiatus in Saudi Arabia -capped off by the loss to Cameron Norrie in the first round blitz match- will also play at least one match in the doubles mini-tournament.

The news, however, is different: during one of the press conferences he attended, with his usual self-confidence, the talented Australian continued to defend Novak Djokovic and was excited about the participation of the seven-time champion in Melbourne Park in 2023.

"Sport exists to unite people, not to divide them. No tournament can be considered a tournament without him there. We are very lucky to have him on tour and to be able to compete with him again in such an important tournament.

He knows that I was the only tennis player who defended him when he had a real problem and had to face an entire country. I think I've earned his respect. The kind of person you are is seen by these things, not by how you behave on a tennis court," he said.

"Djokovic? Yes, he is still the best tennis player in the world," he later commented on the matter. Will there be a new Slam champion in 2023? Nope. "I have a feeling it will be different. Nadal will win Roland Garros, Djokoviv will win Wimbledon, and I think he will be the big favorite at the other two Majors this season as well.

Maybe only Medvedev could bother him," he said. "Me? I would love to win one, but Djokovic's presence makes it difficult because he is still the most dominant on the circuit." Kyrgios, who has not played Roland Garros since 2017 and has never denied his 'disdain' for the Slam on red concrete, confirmed that he will play there again after six years.

Kyrgios has embraced the ups and downs of his career

Nick Kyrgios has stated his goals and expectations ahead of the 2023 season. “In real life, there’s not much pressure to being a professional tennis player.

We earn great money, we travel around the world with our favourite people. We get to see different people, different cultures. In the scheme of things, that’s not pressure," the Aussie said. "But I completely understand going on the match court with all this expectation that ‘Nick Kyrgios is legitimate chance to win a Grand Slam now’, there’s a lot of pressure there especially having the Australian Open and everyone in Australia expecting big things from me.

It’s a lot to handle sometimes. Being in the spotlight is not easy," he added. “I’ve learnt that the people will never have enough. For me, I’ve achieved some great things in this sport and where I came from.

I know I’m content with myself. I want to achieve more for myself, but for all of my team, not for anyone else,” he concluded.

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