'Nick Kyrgios wants to protect...', says TD

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'Nick Kyrgios wants to protect...', says TD

He has once again demanded an apology from all the people who harshly criticize him for what he does in the world of tennis. Nick Kyrgios has lashed out at critics recently on his social profiles, reiterating the importance of his role in the sport.

The Australian tennis player has always divided public opinion due to the attitudes he has shown on the court over the years and the statements he has made in various press conferences against his rivals. His character has not helped him very often to win the battles that count and to always express all the talent he can count on in each prestigious event on the ATP circuit.

In 2022, however, the Canberra native has raised his game level with excellent performances and an unprecedented level of focus on court. So many rivals were unable to keep up with him that the 27-year-old was able to achieve very satisfying results, such as the Wimbledon final and winning titles.

Nick also exhibited himself in challenges with Stefanos Tsitsipas and the then number one Daniil Medvedev, in which he once again demonstrated his full potential. Netiflix recently announced that the first five episodes of the series 'Break Point', dedicated entirely to the world of tennis and the lives of star athletes, will be available in mid-January.

Among them, Nick Kyrgios at the Australian Open, which he won in doubles. On the subject, the player made some statements on Twitter: "So after all this, after all the media write how bad I am for the sport, disrespecting the game, I will be in episode number one of Netflix...

to grow our fan base, basically trying to get more people into tennis", he said with great satisfaction. He added: "Essentially, we are putting more money in the pockets of everyone involved in tennis."

Nick Kyrgios is highly anticipated at the AO

Criticized for withdrawing from the United Cup at the very last moment, Nick Kyrgios, who was quick to respond, received the support of his federation president and director of the Australian Open, Craig Tiley.

The latter, speaking on the Australian channel Today, spoke at length to explain the package of the one everyone was waiting for in this new mixed team competition. “We had conversations with Nick. He makes a precautionary decision to protect his ankle in his preparation for the Australian Open.

He gave himself, in our opinion, the best possible chance by maximizing the time until he was cleared to withdraw from the event. Most athletes – this is Nick's case – will give themselves the best possible chance to compete and make a decision as late as possible.

It's more difficult when you're in the United Cup, which is a team competition, so it impacts others, but withdrawals are quite common...when players are preparing for a major event and they have several preliminary events.

We have Adelaide starting and Hobart coming in…there will probably be other athletes in the same situation as Nick. We're confident he'll be fine, and we can't wait to see him play. He loves to play the Australian Open, we've seen the energy he brings to the court and I think the big challenge will be deciding which court to put him on."

Nick Kyrgios Wimbledon