Nick Kyrgios: 'I think my relationship with the big three is...'

Kyrgios notably played a practice match at the Rod Laver Arena

by Simone Brugnoli
Nick Kyrgios: 'I think my relationship with the big three is...'

Nick Kyrgios showed a new facet of his game in chapter one of the Netflix series, "Break Point". The 27-year-old Australian tennis player confessed the reasons why he does not see himself playing at a professional level for many more years, and it was his own mother who pointed out how he was changing as he made a place for himself on the tour of the ATP.

“I worry about him every day, every day. He has already gone through very unhappy moments, "acknowledged his mother. Recalling his childhood, she stated: “He was beautiful as a baby. He was a chubby kid. At age 7 he had his first injury.

Afterwards he became aggressive, he was always very angry about something ”. His mother shows concern about the controversial actions that the talented Australian tennis player usually performs. Nick also recalled his first steps with the racket: “I didn't know how good he was.

At 17 I had a growth spurt. All of a sudden I started to slide and move, I thought I'm blessed." Kyrgios confessed how his life changed at just 19 years of age: “It changed when I beat (Rafa) Nadal at Wimbledon (2014).

I went from no one knowing who he was, to people camping outside my house. That match changed everything. From that day on, the expectation that I would be the next big one was enormous”. Another of the interesting points went through the discrimination he has suffered and how he prioritizes his state of mind before his own career: “I had to deal with racism.

The first four or five years of my career were very chaotic”. “I couldn't go on like this, one of those players who play all year. I value my family too much, my closest friends, to put tennis before that.

Nick Kyrgios has new goals

Nick Kyrgios reflected on how he has evolved in his relationship with Djokovic and has no regrets.

"I don't really regret anything. I think life is too short to regret. You kind of learn from these experiences. They're all kind of building blocks. At the same time I think it's made our relationship even more special now that it's kind of gone from a rough sort of place to now we're helping each other out on the biggest stage.

We're just great competitors," he said. "To think I'm able to do that with one of the greatest of all time is cool. I think my relationship with the big three is all different. I'm really close with Novak now. Quite close with Roger. And me and Rafa, we just do that when we walk past each other. It's pretty cool," he added.

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