Bernard Tomic Fired by IMG! Eugenie Bouchard Ready to Replace?

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Bernard Tomic Fired by IMG! Eugenie Bouchard Ready to Replace?

IMG has revealed today that has decided to fire Bernard Tomic, despite a contract that was soon going to expire. Why did IMG take this decision? Apparently the American business has had enough of Bernard's behavior... A tennis player who leaves, means a free spot for another tennis player to come in.

Who is IMG aiming at? It's Canada's rising star Eugenie Bouchard (all news on Tennis here)! "We would really like to have Eugenie with us" said Fernando Soler ahead of IMG, "we showed our interest in signing a contract with her.

We will try our best. Bouchard has all elements needed in order to be successful. She is talented, she is beautiful, she has personality and she would be a perfect fit in the international market". The only possible obstacle for the deal to happen, is the French business Lagardere Unlimited, who currently has Bouchard under a contract that moves towards a renewal, considering how Eugenie is climbing the rankings, siting already among the top 10 of the WTA.

Not that Genie is not used to be courted by major businesses around the World. The Canadian recently signed a three-year deal with nothing less than Coca-Cola (all details here). Bad news are not over for Bernard Tomic however.

The Australian will not enjoy a direct entry for the main draw of the 2014 US Open. His only chance is to request a Wild Card, which could be awarded. The Australian Open and US Open have a deal that 2 Wild Cards for the Open in Melbourne have to go to American players and vice versa when the US Open are played in New York in August.

Bernard may have good chances to be selected for an invitation, but he will have to fight the competition of Thanasi Kokkinakis, Samuel Groth, James Duckworth and Luke Saville.