Bernard Tomic Notifies Tennis Australia He Is Ready To Play Davis Cup

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Bernard Tomic Notifies Tennis Australia He Is Ready To Play Davis Cup

Following his third round exit from the US Open, Bernard Tomic has opted to notify tennis Australia that he is desperate to play the Davis Cup and the team needs its best players on court for their upcoming tie against Great Britain.

The 20 year old had been suspended from the National team following his comments regarding the administration not treating him and his sister fairy after Wimbledon. However, Australia’s No 1 is now ready to bury the hatchet and expects himself to be selected.

“I’m ready to play,” Tomic said “We need our best players out there. If I have the opportunity I’m always ready to play these ties.” “It’s a few matches there where I’d have the opportunity to improve my singles, not only playing Davis Cup.

It’s like making the third round at a grand slam. It’s a very important match to win if I get the opportunity to play.” “Obviously the situation with Wimbledon, I didn’t get the chance to play and it was a bit complicated,” “And then I went to Miami and then obviously had the situation where I got arrested. “But after that I won my third title.

So that was a good and bad moment for me — but I’m very positive to play Davis Cup.” Further on he revealed, how Lleyton Hewitt has inspired him to put in his best performances for his country where he has a good past record.

“When I step on that court for Davis Cup, it’s different than any other tournament or any other match. I play my best tennis at Davis Cup so I’m ready to play if they pick me and excited about it,” Also Read: John Isner: ´Roger Federer and Serena Williams are the GOAT´