John Newcombe: ´Nick Kyrgios Is a Bit Like Nastase For His Bevahior´

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John Newcombe: ´Nick Kyrgios Is a Bit Like Nastase For His Bevahior´

Tennis - According to John Newcombe, the new rising star of Aussie tennis Nick Kyrgios is a bit like Ilie Nastase for his bevahior. "I think back to Nastase when he was having a great year in 1972-73 and he was behaving so badly that no-one would talk to him, and so he had to change his ways.

I knew Ilie, but I don't know Nick well enough. I don't know what the issues are there. Something needs to be addressed, but I have no idea what it is," said Newcombe. But Nastase was a champion, Nick still isn't at the top of the game...

"If he continues playing and has that sort of attitude on the court, it's not going to be very pleasant for him. The respect of your peers is pretty important, and when you have players like Federer, Nadal and Djokovic saying that they've gone to a lot of trouble to create a reputation for the sport and they don't appreciate what's going on, you've got to sit up and take notice, haven't you?" "At my time bad attitudes were not only not tolerated within our Davis Cup team, but we didn't appreciate it from other players," Newcombe said.

"So if players were behaving badly and not showing respect to their opponents, we'd certainly be a joint force against that." "Everyone around the world who knows tennis is saying 'what a pity, this guy has immense talent, but he may not be able to fulfil his potential because of his attitudes'.

I think he's at the crossroads. A very serious crossroads. At his age, if you let it go for two years, it's extremely hard to get back… You need to grasp the opportunity when it's there." Many tennis legends are giving tips to Nick. Will Kyrgios listen to them?