Bernard Tomic replies to Federer: ´I am as far from the Top 10 as he is from Djokovic´

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Bernard Tomic replies to Federer: ´I am as far from the Top 10 as he is from Djokovic´

Bernard Tomic didn't like Roger Federer's quotes about him. Tomic has been saying that his goal is to reach top 10 and the Swiss declared that Tomic has been saying this for many years now but before setting up these high goals he should focus more and speak less.

'Well, he has his predictions' - said Bernard - 'I think he is also far away from Djokovic as well. If he believes I'm so far from the top 10, I believe my prediction that he's nowhere near Novak's tennis right now.

It also motivates me. I'm working for that. When I'm playing well, I'm a top-eight player in the world. My ranking has to get there. I'm going to work every day this year trying to get to the top 10. It's not just getting to the top 10.

I'm going to get there. It's about staying there for a while. It's about being consistent'. 'These guys that have been there the last five, six years on the tour, you have Berdych, Ferrer, Nishikori that have been there for a while, they're consistent.

They have been there for four or five years. That's what I want to become, and possibly be even better after I get there. When I started I asked myself: 'Can I beat anyone?' Many years ago, when I was 18, when I played Wimbledon quarters, that's when I broke through.

I felt like I beat quality players out there and lost to the world No. 1 at that time, who was also undefeated that year, Novak. 6-1 in the fifth, and he ended up winning Wimbledon'. It's not the first time Bernard Tomic makes debatable quotes about Roger Federer.

In 2013 the draw put them in the same half and they should have played against each other in the third round. Before the beginning of the tournament the Australian provoked Federer saying: 'Maybe he loses before'. The result? Federer won in straight sets.

In 2013 in Wimbledon both Nadal and Federer lost in the early rounds, they could have played against each other in the quarter-finals. 'Federer was happy with Nadal's elimination' - said Tomic, 'but he had his share with himself...' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: ´I will decide if I play a tournament on clay after Indian Wells´. And about Kyrgios and Tomic...