Hopman Cup introduces new interesting scoring format for the mixed doubles matches

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Hopman Cup introduces new interesting scoring format for the mixed doubles matches

FAST4 Tennis is a new format in tennis scoring, that challenges the regular system that has been in force pretty much since the start of the modern tennis at the end of the 19th century. Australian tennis federation has worked hard in the last couple of years to install it among the amateurs in the clubs and also in some lower-age junior competitions (in Great Britain as well), in order to make a game more dinamic and quicker. FAST4 Tennis had its baptism by fire on January 12, 2015, when Lleyton Hewitt and Roger Federer were the first big names to try the new format, and they both liked it.

Now, it made another big step forward, as Hopman Cup director Paul Kilderry announced that the mixed doubles matches at the upcoming Hopman Cup will be played in FAST4 Tennis format, for the first time. It is based purely on 4 rules, that allows challenging and tight matches, with every point carrying a certain value of importance.

Lets are supported, together with no-add scoring after deuce, and teams will need 4 games to win the set (best of 3 matches). The set can be ended in the tie break, after 3-3, and the first team who win 5 points will take the tie break and the set.

“FAST4 Tennis really brings a new element to the sport and will be a lot of fun for both the players and the fans,” Kilderry said. “It’s the perfect format for mixed doubles, and as the players will all have competed in traditional singles matches, this is a great way of adding an extra layer of excitement to the mixed.

Tennis fans around Australia have praised the format and we hope Perth will embrace it too.”

SOURCE: http://hopmancup.com/news/2016/12/26/fast4-mastercard-hopman-cup-mixed-doubles ALSO READ: 2016 - Longly awaited Renaissance of the young guns!