Bernard Tomic hangs out on Gold Coast with accused cocaine dealer

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Bernard Tomic hangs out on Gold Coast with accused cocaine dealer

Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic has been spotted hanging out on the Gold Coast with an accused cocaine dealer Ada Onur.

Onur, 29, has been alleged by police to be a Comanchero bikie.

Onur and his friend Chris Duspara were together arrested as they are charged with 12 crimes.

The charges include alleged trafficking, producing drugs, as well as recruiting others into their cocaine racket.

Tomic, 25, enjoyed a dinner out at a Japanese restaurant with his friend Onur and his lawyer.

Ahmed Dib, the lawyer of Onur, praised Tomic for not forgetting his accused friend.

In a pic posted on the social media and captioned "dinner with the lads," the Australian tennis player can be seen with the friend and lawyer.

"[Onur] is fighting the charges all the way. And because someone is accused of something doesn't mean people who have known each other shouldn't remain friends," Dib told The Courier Mail.

"Bernie is a true Aussie — when his friends are accused of things and down and out he stands by them. It's (a) testament to his character."

Meanwhile, Tomic's disappointing season has come to an end.

The Australian, who plummeted to No. 143, is expected to start the 2018 season by playing qualifying for the Brisbane International and Australian Open.

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