Stefanos Tsitsipas takes shot at Nick Kyrgios

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Stefanos Tsitsipas takes shot at Nick Kyrgios

Rising Greek star Stefanos Tsitsipas has taken a shot at Australian Nick Kyrgios. The 20-year-old Greek, who is currently in New York to play the US Open, tweeted a week ago: "It's amazing of how many different sounds you can hear while walking in (the) New York City.

Just close your eyes and absorb!" The Australian responded to a tweet by saying: "Da fuq." The 23-year-old later deleted his respond -- which Tsitsipas claimed not to have seen or heard of until he got aware of it during his interview with The Times.

Kyrgios, a four-time ATP champion, has made it clear that playing video games is one of the hobbies. "Everybody knows who Kyrgios is, let's be honest. I know some people see these things I do as something weird, writing all these tweets that make no sense.

It is from a creator's perspective. I have lots of people I admire watching on YouTube. There are so many creators out there who produce interesting content. This creative mindset they have seems limitless. You can do anything with it, inspire future kids.

It's nice to watch them," Tsitsipas told The Times. "It's not sitting in my room playing video games, Fortnite like someone does. It's better going outside and creating something rather than just sitting inside playing video games for the whole day, which I did before and now see no point in doing.

There's a lot of things out there to discover." Also read: Kyle Edmund eager to finish the breakthrough season on a high note