Bernard Tomic: I threatened only to Lleyton Hewitt, never to his kids

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Bernard Tomic: I threatened only to Lleyton Hewitt, never to his kids

Australian tennis star Bernard Tomic admits he has had made threats to Lleyton Hewitt but not to his family members or specifically his kids as the Australian Davis Cup Team Captain had previously claimed. During this past Australian Open, Hewitt claimed that Tomic had blackmailed and physically threatened to him and his family.

During his appearance on Nine's 60 Minutes, Tomic blasted Hewitt over claiming that he had made threats to his kids. "Yeah, I did message him. I said exactly the words, 'I will knock you out if you come one metre from me’, and he knows that.

I stand by that," Tomic said, as revealed on Fox Sports Australia. "But did I mention his family? That's pretty low. Mention family, kids, and stuff? How low do you have to be, I think that’s one of the lowest things I've ever heard from him.

"I stand by my threats to him, but not to his family. "I've never threatened kids. Absolutely not. That’s so wrong. That’s really low. For him to say that, that's really low. To go that low and make me look like that, now he’s said that, maybe if he comes two metres from me (laughs)."

The Tomics stand by their claims that Hewitt had threatened and victimized Bernard in 2010 during a Davis Cup tie as they stand by their intention to take a legal action against the former world No. 1. "I was harassed.

I was intimidated, that's all I'll say. I was 16 years old in Melbourne, Grand Hyatt, at a Davis Cup tie. I'll stand by that. Further matters will be taking place," Tomic claimed. During the Australian Open, Tomic had also suggested that there's also a rift between Hewitt and two rising Australian stars, Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis.

"I'm only speaking the honest truth of what I know, what I think and what a lot of people know, but are too afraid to come out and say," Tomic added. Tomic, who many believe has failed to fulfill his enormous talent and potential, is a four-time ATP champion and former world No.

17. "Look, we can't all be we can't all be Roger Federer. We can’t all be Rafael Nadal. We can't all be Michael Jordan," Tomic acknowledged. "I've achieved a lot. In my sport, in my career, many, many years at the top of my sport.

But we can't all be Roger Federer. Am I right, or can we? "I've had an unbelievable career so far." Also read: Bernard Tomic withdraws from Dallas Challenger