Tennis Court Sold at Auction for $3.55 million

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Tennis Court Sold at Auction for $3.55 million

Tennis - A 900 square metre piece of land, which was earlier used as a tennis court on Woolwich Road in Hunters Hill, Sydney has been sold at an auction for $3.55 million, according to . The grass tennis court was once part of the house next door but has been subdivided and the new owner is planning to build a family home on the piece of land.

The buyer, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that the opportunity to build a home from scratch in the location was a good one and difficult to pass up. “We love Hunters Hill and really wanted to build. I probably spent $100,000 more than I was planning to, but it’s such a great stretch of land”.

Veteran auctioneer David Scholes commented, "I remember as a kid going to play tennis every week in our local neighbourhood. I think with a tennis court now most people would maybe only use it five, six times a year if they’re lucky”.

Selling agent Matthew Ward of Ward Partners commented, "It just shows how much demand there is for blocks that are blank canvases. People say it’s a softer market, but good properties still sell very well”.

In an upcoming auction in April, the garden and tennis court of a luxury home on Woodside Avenue have been split into two blocks of 500 square metres. "They’ve already attracted a lot of interest. The land value alone is worth way more than if was going to continue to be used as a tennis court”.