Ash Barty on Her Challenges: I Felt Like I Was Kind Of The Odd One Out A Little Bit

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Ash Barty on Her Challenges: I Felt Like I Was Kind Of The Odd One Out A Little Bit

Ash Barty has become a role model for young Australians and she has embraced the role whole-heartedly even as she has become the front of a Tennis Australia campaign to encourage more girls to play tennis. The campaign, which is called "Play Your Way", is part of a $12 million Federal Government contribution to increase the opportunities for girls in tennis and try to ensure that they stay involved in sport.

Speaking to Tennis Australia, Barty says, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional, you’re growing up through school or it’s a right down at grassroots level. There’s opportunities for every single girl, all around the country, all around the world and I think that’s the most beautiful thing about it now.

You learn to enjoy it and that’s first and foremost is we play this sport. It’s a game. It’s meant to be fun”. Barty also spoke about some of the challenges that she faced as a younger player. "Some of my barriers were that I didn’t feel like I fit in.

Both of my sisters went down an academic route and I felt like I was kind of the odd one out a little bit”. Barty says her advice to girls and anyone in general is to enjoy the journey. "First and foremost is enjoy it.

Enjoy the tough moments, enjoy the great moments and I think you learn to work hard. Everyone has their own barriers that they feel like they have to break through, but it’s important just to try and keep chipping away every single day, keep working hard and create your own path”.