Tim Henman: "I am a big fan of Nick Kyrgios"

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Tim Henman: "I am a big fan of Nick Kyrgios"

Nick Kyrgios is one of the most fun and controversial players on the ATP tour. The Australian tennis player led his team in the first edition of the ATP Cup, demonstrating once again that he preferred team competitions. Nick could be a surprise at the Australian Open, which will take place in Melbourne Park from January 20th.

British captain Tim Henman revealed his admiration for Kyrgios: “I am a big fan because I think that there’s a good person there,” he said in a press conference. “Nick has got his challenges and he would probably admit to making a few poor decisions.

But deep down there is a good person there who I think can be a massive asset for the game because he is a huge talent. He has to try and surround himself with the right people and make good decisions and work hard day in and day out because he has got a game that a lot of people don’t want to play against”.

“It was unreal,” said Kyrgios after the amazing 'tie' between Australia and Great Britain at the ATP Cup. “The adrenaline has kind of worn off and I’m exhausted after that match. It was 

Today was probably one of the best moments in my career, definitely. Just making it through to the semi-final, the first-ever ATP Cup in that type of fashion, was pretty special... we genuinely care for each other, and (our team-mates) were genuinely just so ecstatic to get through”.